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Trailer-mounted grills and oyster steamers

Whether it's a small family gathering or a large festive celebration that you are having, good times and fond memories await you with one of our grills or steamers.  On this page, we have tried to capture some of the many happy occasions that have been made even better by the wonderful meals cooked on our professional quality units.

Chris McDougal Eclipse Freight Eclipse Freight Chris Mc Dougal

Friends and neighbors enjoy a lowcounty boil

Plenty of room to grill a pig
Grilling meat Oysters, shrimp, crab legs and clams are favorites
Our grills make a perfect Boston butt Cooking up a Low Country boil - a Southern specialty
From the grill to the plate Chicken and ribs on the barbecue grill
Enjoy the aromas of BBQ foods Trailer grill and friends
Our rib racks increase your barbecue cooking area You can barbecue a lot of meat on our grills

The lobster steamer is sure to make you a hit with your guests