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The following testimonials from our customers speak for the quality and value of our products:

Dear Leslie,

As of last night, we are the proud owners of a Southern Steamers Grill.

It arrived in perfect shape and we got it to our island without incident.

The workmanship is high quality, and the design is perfect;   we are delighted with this internet purchase that came all the way from Georgia.

I will send you a photo of your happy customers and the grill for your files.

Thank you for your service and help.


Saturna Island Parks and Recreation Commission
Saturna Island, BC Canadaood Morning Leslie,

Good Morning Leslie,

I just wanted to say thanks for getting everything wrapped up so quickly and having the grill shipped out so fast. We’ve already used it for our first customer appreciation day and it was a big hit. Numerous employees and customers inquired about the grill so we’re spreading the word about Southern Steamers. We have three more events already lined up in the coming weeks so we’re definitely getting our use out of it.

Thanks again for everything. Take care.


Hi, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for getting the correct parts to me so fast. It is great to have the grill up and running properly again!

Also, wanted to say that when we recently took the grill into a tire store to get a nail removed from the tire, we asked if we needed to replace the tires yet and the tech said that the grill was built with "really high quality tires and wasn't skimped on the quality and was made really well..."

thank you for that also!


Hey there!

I just wanted to send you a thank you. My father bought me one of your steamers for Christmas last year. I do an annual oyster roast and I needed something bigger and more efficient than my pots.

I have not used my new steamer until a week ago. I hauled it down to Athens and set it up at our Tailgate spot for the UGA/ Tenn game. I did a low country boil with 18 lbs of shrimp, 19 lbs of sausage, 48 ears of corn and lots and lots of mushrooms!! The cooker handled all this and could have taken more.

I was amazed that the cooker brought all that water to a boil in 30 minutes and I had to turn it way down during cooking!! I would have thought the cooker would suck down the fuel while working that hard but I don’t even think I used ½ a 20 lb tank, and I left it on for hours keeping everything warm.

I estimate we fed between 45-50 folks that day.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product, and now I can’t wait for my oyster roast coming up in a few weeks!

I wish you would send me some cards or brochures. I must have had 15 strangers stop by the tailgate and ask about the cooker. I gave them all your web site address and I hope they looked you up.

Thanks again!!

Will Gregory, Palmetto Insurance

Very satisfied trailer grill customer"I started looking at trailer mounted BBQ grills about a year ago. I researched several styles including those made from oil tanks and propane tanks. When I found the Southern Steamer Alumigrill, I knew the search was over. These grills are built for business and to last. The propane system is fantastic, the cleanup easy, and the food comes out perfect every time. From chicken to ribs and turkeys to cornbread.... this grill does it all. And the diamond plate really turns heads."

Brian Engle, Warrensburg, NY

"I provided one of your table top steamers for a Rotary Club auction.  After the attendees had a chance to look it over and notice the quality, the bidding began.  It was clear that people were really impressed by it as so many were bidding on it.  Even though the regular selling price was clearly marked on it, the final bid was more than $75. above that price.  Obviously, the participants recognized a value when they saw it."

Jeff Kublin, Rincon, GA