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Rib racks for barbecue trailer grills

We look forward to adding a new line of accessories that can be used on any of our grills to enhance your cooking experience.  The following accessories are now available:

Rib Racks

These are heavy duty stainless steel rib racks that
will last a lifetime and will be warranted as such.

Price: $39.00

Stainless steel rib racks for barbecues

Rib racks fit nicely on our trailer-mounted grills
Rib racks enable you to fit more
meat on your barbecue grill.

Shown below inside our grills, the rib racks measure 18 long, 13 wide and 6 high.
(Click images below to enlarge)
Rib racks are a great accessory Our stainless steel rib racks clean up easily Rib racks on our trailer-mounted barbecue grill


I Want To Buy It

The Rib Rack is just $39.00 plus shipping and handling.  Georgia residents must pay sales tax.  To order your rib rack, simply click on the button below.

To view our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty, click here.

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Deep Basket for The Steamer*

Optional Deep Basket for The Steamer


The Steamer comes with a standard basket which enables you to steam boil or fry. You may choose to purchase an additional deep basket which allows you to boil larger quantities of your favorite foods. It can also be used to deep fry turkeys or chicken without the need for large quantities of cooking oil.

(* Please note that the deep basket does not allow you to steam. Its design allows it to go all the way to the bottom which does not leave enough room for steaming without water covering the bottom layer of food.)

I Want To Buy It

The Deep Basket is just $119.00 plus shipping and handling.  Georgia residents must pay sales tax.  To order yours, simply click on the button below.

OUT OF STOCK - Deep Baskets are out of stock. Please check back to see when we can forecast deliveries.

Out of Stock

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